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Aldous Arthur Chetwyn
20 August 1991
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From 28 May back to AL6008:04.14>~08:09am :
For England.(BS)
19 February 2008AD :
I changed my username from "Bronx65" to "Bernard_Spilsbury" this evening. yes@62 suggested the change. I learnt from Susyn Oleynu that DC asked yes@62 to make the suggestion. The intrigue was un-necessary. I would have done it anyway. Done it for England.(Aldous Chetwyn ~09:08pm PDST)
I live to read and study l o n g complex detective/mystery stories. I am writing a novel about my obsession. I have not yet sought psychological consultation. many people say I should. I am newly arrived in California from Britan. My criminalist,(That is my professional task),is to access a new genre of writing. It seems to be orginating from the California hinterlands. The designation "science-romance" as in science-fiction has been discussed in certain circles of the English speaking world.{2006/11/08--->05 Dec;Lemon Grove CA}; Moved-in and very comfortable. I wish I knew more about computer programming.(AC_2006.12.05)

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